Below is a list of updates that have happened to Planet Alien over time.

Date Time (UK) Updates Version
16th March 2013 10:58pm

Fixed a bug where no one could login

16th March 2013 11:02pm Fixed a bug where the teleporter wouldn't load for some people 1.0.1
17th March 2013 2:22pm

Fix a bug where everyone appears banned.

(Your alien has an X, you cant see anyone and you cant chat)

17th March 2013 2:57pm Fixed a bug where the "Report a Bug" button didn't work. 1.1.1
17th March 2013 3:24pm

Fixed a bug where the Spaceship room wouldn't load. (It was just a blank white screen)

17th March 2013 9:22pm Minor performance impovments + Emotes centered into same spot. 1.1.3
17th March 2013 9:27pm Fixed a bug where the "???" button worked (when it wasn't meant too, its a coming soon feature). 1.1.4
17th March 2013 11:01pm Updated the "BETA" watermark (Animated it a bit). Updated the Bubble Glow/Text Glow system.  1.1.5
19th March 2013 4:32pm Updated the Log Out button to take you to the "Logged Out" page. 1.1.6
19th March 2013 4:47pm Fixed a bug with the "Log Out" button. 1.1.7
19th March 2013 6:00pm Planet Alien is down for upgrades.
25th March 2013 10:00pm Planet Alien came back online with bug fixes. (Note the Troona Expedition didn't come due to last minute bugs). 1.1.8
27th March 2013 8:00pm Fixed a bug where if you click on people, message boxes etc. your alien won't walk on them.  1.1.9
27th March 2013 8:18pm Fixed a bug where you can't close the "Feature Not Available" message and Playercards.

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